Photowalk at Sikali Temple with “Photowalk Nepal”

Sikali Temple

The temple lies outside the main settlement towards the south at about 30 minutes’ walk from Rudrayani temple. The temple is located at an isolated area. The original history of Sikhli related with Sikhi buddha. And it is believed that once Sikhi Buddha had come and taught dhamma for locals. And people have misconcept as Sikhli as Shree Kaali Temple is dedicated to Goddess Kaali but actually it is not true. (Source: Wikipedia)


Date: 27 July, 2019

It was an amazing morning at Sikhli (Sikhali) Temple to observe such amazing views and we only have short period of time to stay there and take some photographs. So instead of waste our time we all the members of Photowalk Nepal’s started to take photos after reached there. I had never been there at morning, so it was a great fun finding some beautiful photo angles and frames on that morning light. It was not raining that morning and the sky was clear so all of us started taking an advantage of this moment. For photographers like me this place is one of the best place for Landscape/nature photography and Birdwatching. After spending 2 hours there, we returned with wonderful memories and great photos. Our memory cards and minds were filled with amazing experience we had with photo walk.